Pilates at Prudhoe Waterworld

*This post is sponsored. * 

I love Yoga but have never tried Pilates, mainly because I don’t know what it is or how to do it. So I booked the 11.30 session on a Monday to see what it was all about.

I arrived at Studio 1 and it was a really nice space, the class was fully booked it was difficult to find a space on the floor. I did not bring my own mat as it is provided in the class. You get 2 mats, one is a thing one with thicker padding underneath to support your back and neck etc.

Pilates is like Yoga, in that it focuses on the mind and body. But Pilates improves your core strength and fitness. It also focuses on core and posture and mobility.

I wasn’t sure how intense it was going to be but it was a very slow paced and relaxing ambience. I liked how the instructor tailored the moves to her pupils, obviously, I was a newbie but the teacher knew everyone else and what they were capable of.

It was really easy to follow, she explained each movement and stretch and why it was beneficial that we did it and how it was helping us. Although I had not done Pilates before I did find that the moves that I had learnt in Yoga were helpful to Pilates. Just in knowing where and how to stand and how far I could stretch.

If I am honest I struggled to get the breathing and some of the balances right in line with the positions. So I just focused on the positions first to make sure I was doing that right.

I was not sure what to expect from the class but I did enjoy it and I left feeling calmer than I was before. I have decided to book the class to go again so I might make it a regular thing.

For more info about the Pilates class at Waterworld click here


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