Review: Club Tropicana @ Sunderland Empire

Think Benidorm meets Blackpool with a cocktail of camp, colour and character then you’ve got Club Tropicana.

If you remember electric 80’s when hair was big, shoulders were padded, girls (and boys) just wanted to have fun and mobile phones were shaped like bricks and weighed a tonne! Then this musical is for you.

When Lorraine (Karina Hind) the budding bride gets cold feet and calls her groom Olly (Cellen Chugg Jones) to say the wedding is off, they each decide to jet off to sunnier climes and not waste their honeymoon. Little do they know they’ve checked into the same hotel…called the Club Tropicana, safe to say it all goes a bit Pete Tong from there.


The show would be nothing without the talent from the Tyne, Joe McElderry who plays Garry the hotel’s entertainer. And boy does he entertain, reminding us of why he won X Factor all those years ago- his vocal talents are still on point.

It does feel very much like the Joe McElderry show, he gets the audience up and off their seats singing, dancing and clapping along to the 80’s beats.

If you love and know your 80’s hits then you will not be disappointed with tracks like Just Can’t Get Enough, She Drives Me Crazy and Making Your Mind Up. Club Tropicana is full of cheesy pop music.

Applause goes to Choreographer Nick Winston- the dance pieces were fantastic, full of energy, flips and hips. Also to Set & Costume Designer Diego Pitarch- without spoiling it let’s just say you need your sunglasses on.

All in all, it is a don’t take too serious show, that is full of fun and flamingoes. Perfect for all your party goes out there.

This musical is are a fruitful reminder of those who remember the 80’s and education for those who have never seen a shoulder pad.

To find out more about Club Tropicana click here

Club Tropicana is on at the Sunderland Empire till May 25th, for more info click here

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