Where To Eat In Hexham

Hexham is a lovely little market town in Northumberland- I have worked (and still work) there, so I like to think I know my stuff when it comes to where to eat in Hexham.

And when you come to visit, you will not be spoilt for choice- there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from.


Perhaps you are staying in Hexham and you want to start your day with a morning treat, these are my recommendations for Breakfast.

Knights Cafe 

You can find Knights Cafe on 3 Old Church, NE46 1NG.

If I am honest from the outside it does not look up to much. But when you go up the stairs you enter a hidden gem.  Like I said I have worked in Hexham for many years and I did not know that it even existed.

I went with my Mam for breakfast and it was really tasty.  It was £6 for cooked breakfast- toast, fried bread, egg, beans, sausage and black pudding plus a hot drink. And let me tell you, I did not need to eat anything for the rest of the day- I was full up. You get quite a lot on your plate.

It is such a quaint little cafe with a lovely view of the streets in Hexham, you can enjoy your breakfast whilst having a nosy and seeing what everyone is up too in the town.

The Forum Wetherspoons 

You can find The Forum on the  Market Place, NE46 3PB.

Yes I know it is a Wetherspoons but trust me, this is such a lovely Wetherspoons. It is right next door to the cinema and the inside of the building has an art deco feel. I have been there before the start of my shift and you can get a proper cooked breakfast with a free refill of a hot drink.

I tend to get a Traditional size (other sizes are available) cooked breakfast with toast, fruit, orange juice and tea and all for a good price. If you want something that is going to fill you up and give you loads of energy for the rest of the day and you like your Lavazza coffee then try spoons.



There are so many options for lunch in Hexham, it is going to be hard to choose.

Deli at Number 4 

You can find Deli at 4 Beaumont Steet, NE46 3LZ.

Deli is perfect if you want a light lunch and you would like to sit outside the Abbey (pictured). They do have a small sit-in area so it is better to take away.

When I went, it was the first time I had been and so I got a  take-out lunch. I got the meal deal which was a brie and cranberry panini,  green tea and caramel and walnut cake. Omg, the panini was filling and melting with cheesy goodness, the green tea was refreshing and the cake was out of this world. You get a good wedge of cake, I had to take it home with me as I could not manage to eat it all.

Mrs Miggins 

You can find Mrs Miggins on St Mary’s Wynd, NE46 1LW.

This cute little cafe has been passed around in terms of ownership.  Finally, Mrs Miggins Tea Room has an owner and has made it a lovely place to have some lunch/brunch.

I went there after work and had a scone. They were warmed up and were really tasty and it went down well with a green tea in a snazzy mug. I like the feeling of the tea room, it is very relaxed and welcoming and warm.

The owners make their own cakes and sell them at the cafe- I was so tempted as they looked amazing- you think you have seen it all at the bake-off but this is something else. If anything just go to see the cakes.

The Refectory Cafe 

The Refectory Cafe is apart of the Hexham Abbey. You can find it at  The Parish Centre, NE46 3NB.

If I am honest I have never been there for savoury, only for breakfast and for sweets. I go for a coffee and cake so if you want to go somewhere else for a pudding- defo check out this cafe. Their cakes are to die for, though when I have been the soups and jacket potatoes look delicious that other customers have ordered look nice.

Evening Meal

Now I call this tea and I know some people call it dinner so I have decided to call this section Evening Meal.

The Heart of Northumberland

I have been here with work and me and my family have been to the Vegan Nights. It is a really nice pub. I was very impressed with the plant menus as it was so tasty and filling. And the presentation was on point. I was not a fan of the desserts one was soo sweet and dads crumble was cold. But all in all, it is a really nice place to eat.

A lot of the Hexham community go there, so it is always busy and you get that community feeling when you step through the door.

You can find The Heart at 5 Market Street, NE46 3NS.

The Beaumont

This is a little more upmarket/ high end if you wish. It is a hotel as well as a restaurant.

This is the place that you dress up for and you can find it at Beaumont Street, NE46 3LT.

If you like your food to be like art, then The Beaumont is the place to go. Don’t get me wrong the food tastes divine but presentation and quality are at the forefront of their menu.

It is close to the Queens Hall Theatre so if you want to treat yourself before you see a show then the Beaumont has a theatre meal deal on too.


Enjoy your visit to Hexham




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