Clothes and Confidence

I just wanted to thank everyone for the lovely messages I got on the 10th May from my outfit (above) that I wore when I went to see Matthew Bourne Swan Lake.

And it got me thinking about clothes, fashion and how it can make you feel. I didn’t plan my theatre outfit, it just happened that I got the skirt a couple of days ago and then bam it went with shoes and a jacket.

I was very impressed with myself that  I had come up with this outfit, it wasn’t till I was out in the public that I started thinking it was all a bad idea.

I was at the bus station and people were looking at me and I wanted to get changed- was this a bad idea? Was my outfit a bit extra?

But it was too late, I could not change now I had to get to the theatre. Once I was in Newcastle I got the attention again and I started to feel anxious but something in my head clicked.

I was strutting my stuff in town and I thought you know what, why do I care what people around me think?  I love my outfit, I feel amazing in it so I should not care a hoot. And when my attitude changed, my body language changed. I felt like Sara Jessica Parker in that outfit.  I felt like a could run the world.

The next day I went to work (I work in retail) and I don’t like my current uniform (long story) and because I don’t like it, I don’t feel great in it. Which is a shame because the whole idea of us wearing the products is to sell it to customers but because I am not confident in it, I am struggling to sell it to customers.

My job is to help people feel confident in clothes and make them feel great about themselves. But how am I to do that when I don’t feel that way?

On my days off, depending on what I am doing. I sometimes wear tracksuit bottoms and jersey top with my hoodie when I know I will be staying in the house.  On other days I will a nice top or shirt and some jeggings or jazzy pants if I am going out on an adventure. And when I am out to do a blogging thing- you guys know what means- it means blazer time. And I always feel kick ass in my blazer.

Clothes are not only practically an important thing but they can alter how you feel physically and emotionally. I had never ever thought about this before up until now.


Do you have a favourite outfit or an item of clothing that makes you feel confident? Let me know in the comments.




4 thoughts on “Clothes and Confidence

  1. Brilliant outfit. When I have dresses on for work I really notice the increase in attention. People hold doors open more often and I get more smiles. On a weekend I much prefer comfy jeans and a colourful t-shirt (or pjs for as long as I can get away with them) 🙂

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  2. Super cute outfit! Me, well we live very minimal these days so if I buy one item another must go. I truly do not have a favorite item as of yet. But, after reading this I might have to go figure that out. Thanks Gemma! Cheers Angel!

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