Dance Fitness @ Prudhoe Waterworld

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I experienced my first ever Dance Fitness Class in Waterworld on Friday 25th May, these classes are every Friday at 10.30am.

I was not sure what I was letting myself in for but I was ready for a high-intensity workout.

And boy did I get one, we started with a couple of warm-ups with music by Elvis and Buble to get our bodies moving.

Dance Fitness is a mixture of all sorts of styles of dance and music combined together.

Then it started with a couple of previous routines, as I was new I just followed along. I guess having a dance background really helped as I was able to catch on pretty quick.

After that, we started to learn a new routine to the song (and I had forgotten how catchy this song was) to Broken Heels. The instructor was really good, going through the phrases in sections, practising each section and then adding it on each time.

I think we learnt half of a routine in that 1-hour class and I really enjoyed it.

I am sure they won’t mind me saying that the instructor and the rest of the ladies in the class were of a mature age in comparison to me and I was worried that the steps would be basic.

But I was totally wrong, these ladies can really move, I did struggle to catch up with some of the steps but once I got it- I was in time with the rest of them.

And that is what I really loved about it, that I was dancing and I was in time with everyone- it was like being back at my old group- Feet First. It makes me emotional thinking about it now but I really do miss dance.

I was learning new steps, I  was worried I was going to forget how to dance but I didn’t. I still had it in me and I could not stop smiling.

Don’t get me wrong, I was sweating but smiling. I am probably the youngest there but I do not care one bit, I am loving dancing with the rest of the class.

I would like this to become a regular thing but sadly due to work, I am going to have to hold off for a couple of weeks before I can come back 😦

Don’t worry this will not be my last class, this will become a regular thing.

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