Culture Trip 32: Dark Sky Glamping

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I am not a fan of camping, I don’t like having to pitch up my own tent and feel cold and miserable for the time I am staying in it. So when I heard of Dark Sky Glamping I was intrigued to find out more.


Dark Sky Glamping is the fun of camping without the faff of having to build your tent. They have the tent or bell as they call it already set up, all you need to bring is clothes, food and a sense of adventure.


DSG is at Humsahugh in Greencarts Farm, just 15mins away from Hexham (so it was local to us) and it is in a perfect location if you want to walk the Hadrians Wall or want to take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


I wanted to do just that and explore more of Northumberland. Due to my availability, I could only stay for 2 nights. Check-in is after 3 pm and we arrived on a Monday just after 5.


I unzipped the bell and I was really impressed with the decor and the beds inside, it was so warm and cosy. There were 2 double beds, 2 seats, 2 small tables and one large table both decorated out.  


There was some card games, torch, insect replant, local information and a welcome pack. This all comes in the tent as standard, you can pay for extras (which I did) such as electric, outdoor kitchen and heating.


When we arrived, I had a walk around, found the loos, showers and the laundry room and had a walk around before we started to make the tea.


Dark Sky Glamping says on the website that the kitchen it is all kitted out and it really is, there are knives, forks, spooks, crockery, pots, pans- you name it they’ve got in the kitchen.




Not been camping in a while it was hard to remember what food to take so we brought tinned items, one pot and things that could just add water too.


For our tea, we had tinned minced beef with beans, rice, lentils,  carrots, peas, salad and bread. It does not sound much but it was so hearty and it filled me up.  



For pud, we had jelly and angel delights. I had noticed in the kitchen that there were marshmallows and we had brought instant hot chocolate so later in the evening before bed, we cosied up to hot chocolate.



The beds are air beds and they were warm enough with the 3 blankets that are included in the bell. I loved hearing the cows, sheep and birds outside, it was surprisingly relaxing and it helped me get to sleep.


And just look at that stunning sunset, if that does not relax you I don’t know what does.


The next morning, we had tinned grapefruit, porridge and bread with jam for breakfast and it was filling. We used the showers and got ready in the belle. The showers are hot yet basic and if you are prepared to ruff it then you will be fine.

As I knew I only had one day I had to put it to good use, Chester Roman Fort is nearby- you can go via bus or walk and I decided to go on the treck and walked it. It took me over an hour, I had no map and no proper walking equipment but I did it.


Chester opens at 10 am and I got there ay 10.15, as I am not a member of English Heritage (but maybe I should be?) it cost me just over £7 to visit and I was really impressed. I had been there before but when I was very little, so I learnt all about Roman History and their lives all over again.


I was lucky that it was a lovely day so I took my time walking around outside, reading the information and learning about the ruins and how they were preserved for the public to still look at now.


It was really interesting,  I particularly enjoyed the interactive parts with the  Kindle that told you about the items in the museum.



I loved looking at the jewellery and the hair pieces that the women would wear during those times.


I also liked at the start of the museum was an interactive shrine, you pick up a votive stone and Juno the Queen of the Gods has lit up 3 lights on that votive stone.


When you walk around the museum there are whiteboards with emblems on. You place the stone on the emblem and a light goes. Once all 3 lights go out, you go back to the shrine where Juno will give you your oracle.


I was at the museum for an hour or so and I was in need of some lunch, I did bring snacks with me for my walk but I needed some proper food., I knew that the Riverside Kitchen is by the bridge at Chollerford and I knew was not too far from Chesters so I walked there and had a quiche and a fentiments rose lemonade. Absolutely stuffed I walked along the river, the rain was due to come and if I am honest I was soo shattered to walk back so I cheated and got an eco taxi back to my belle.


Annoyingly it didn’t rain but it was nice to rest and sit outside on the table outside and appreciate the view and nature around me.





The rain did, however, come around later and it absolutely thrashed it down.  There was no way that I was going to cook in the rain as we had no shelter so we headed to The Crown Inn at Humshaugh.


The food there was amazing and well worth a visit, I had the Sea bass special, my Mum had the Gamon steak, with a chocolate pot and Mum had the plum crumble and that chocolate pot was the best thing I have ever eaten. It did feel like a cheat not cooking outside but it was soo worth it.





The horrible weather did not clear up and I and my Mum needed to leave early in the morning.  So we decided to go home later on in the evening and be warm and dry at home.

I loved my short stay at Dark Sky Glamping and I did start to get into the things and I would love to return for another trip. The team were really helpful and answered all my silly questions.  The belles are lovely, warm and homely. I really appreciated nature more, while I was there. Now that I am home, I am sat outside writing this as I miss the sounds of the birds and the sheep and I miss the sound the silence.  I feel like I am constantly on the go at home and I don’t get to take a break but it was nice just to stop being in the remote countryside in Northumberland and be with nature.



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