Culture Trip 35: Bodnant Garden

I had been to Bodnant Garden before but never when the sun and the roses have been out. So it was a nice treat to see Bodnant in its full glory.

Bodnant Garden is part of National Trust in North Wales and I and my family have membership cards so we thought we might as well make use of them here.

As I said the roses were out so we headed to see them first and I never knew there were so many types of roses, they are all different colours, shapes, sizes and scents. Yet all beautiful in their own way.



Those of you who are green fingered and know their plants and flowers what you are looking at but I sadly don’t.  There were labels but we struggled to find them.

20190621_124440 This rose was one of my favourites because it reminded me of my first prom, I had a flower on my wrist for prom and this rose looked and smelt like the one I had.



Here are some pictures of the roses that I was lucky enough to see. 20190621_131422.jpg

This rose looked liked it had been painted on with purple paint.






Simply beautiful, my photos don’t do them justice.

Bodnant Garden is famous for their Laburnum Arch, I have seen it many times before and when I go it always reminds me of Sound Of Music. I always want to sing and skip through the arch.


Bodnant Garden is  32 hectares (80 acres) and it is full of manicured lawns and grand, flower-filled terraces, wildflower meadows, shrub-filled glades and inspiring dells of water gardens and towering trees.



I took soo many photographs on the day and what I show you are only a teaser of the secrets that the gardens hold.  It is not just roses, everywhere you turn there are flowers and plants of different shapes and sizes.




According to the National Trust Bodnant Garden is has been in its care since 1949.

Established in 1874 by scientist, businessman and politician Henry Pochin, he and his family filled the garden with plants collected by famous global explorers such as Ernest Wilson, George Forrest and Harold Comber. Cared for by the National Trust since 1949, Bodnant is a garden of firsts – home to the earliest and grandest laburnum arch built in 1880, to Britain’s earliest magnolias introduced from China in the late 1800s and to unique rhododendron hybrids which were born and bred here from the 1920s.




The garden is ever changing and it keeps evolving. No matter what the weather or season there is something to explore.


For more information about Bodnant Garden click here 

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