Review: Love Just Hurts, Jeannine Barry

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It has been a long time since I reviewed Jeannine Barry, an embarrassingly long time in fact. So when I heard she had a new single coming out, I thought I must listen to it.

Jeannine Barry is a rising star in the world of country music and her latest track Love Just Hurts is going to be one of many songs coming from her new album.

Love Just Hurts is a beautiful country song about the reality of the matters of the heart. It is a slow and smooth song that highlights Barry’s vocal abilities.  Her song emotionally connects with the listener, I feel like she is being honest with us.  Love is not like how we see it in the movies, sometimes people can get hurt and it can be a difficult path to climb.

Following the success of the last 2 singles, Jeannine and her band have played a raft of live shows across the country, including Black Deer Festival and Europe’s largest Country festival, Country2Country, at the O2 in London. Jeannine also recorded a special ‘Under The Apple Tree’ session for BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris.

Love Just Hurts weirdly puts me in a good mood, I know it’s about a sad subject but when I listen to it, I wanna go for a walk in the park and sing with a smile on my face. I think it’s just the sound of the music and the way the guitar ebbs and flows it puts me in a good mood.

If, however, you are going through a tough time in the world of love- then I suggest you put the song on and get a cold beverage or maybe a tub of ice cream and have let all your feelings out.

Jeannine said that she felt ready to take her music to the next level with a new sound with this latest release:  “I wanted to make music without rushing it, and to create something special to me that I could really feel proud of because of the way it was true to me.”

Love just hurts is out now as she adds “Love Just Hurts is the first single to come out of that and it has been a magical experience overall, especially when Jim Kimball, who works with country legend Reba McEntire, got involved and offered to mix the track. I can’t wait to share the song with everyone.”

You can check out Jeanine Barry’s website here 

And on Spotify 


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