Culture Trip 37: Redcar

It was a sunny Sunday and I and the Hirst family had 0 ideas as to where to go.  We all went in the car and hoped for the best, as you can see from the title we ended up in Redcar.

Redcar is a seaside town in North Yorkshire with a stunning coastline. It took us over an hour to get there from Northumberland so we were ready for some scran. We used the Hungry Cow app to find a restaurant with vegan options and we came across The Turner’s Mill pub.

Being a Sunday it was busy but they managed to squeeze us in and the meal was really tasty, I had the gammon and I don’t usually like gammon but my god that was lovely and chargrilled with the pineapple, it tasted like it had come off the BBQ.  My brother, Tim had the Vegan burger and he was really impressed. My Mum had the seabass and Dad had the mushroom pasta dish- they both finished the dishes so it must have been good.

We did have room for pud (we were hungry) I had the profiteroles but they were a little sweet for me, Tim had the vegan apple pie which was nice. And my parents had the Eton Mess and a Berry tart which was ok too.  We were really impressed with the range of summer drinks available for both alcohol and non-alcohol.

Feeling rather full we needed a walk to burn all that off, we headed to the coastline and it was perfect weather for it.  For all the sun was out the sea was a bit choppy as you can by my photo.


One of the attractions in Redcar is the Beacon, it opened in March 2013 and it is a great opportunity to view the seafront from a hight.  That is 80ft high with seven floors to be precise, we took the lift though. The Beacon has a cafe and radio station and other offices/event spaces.  But we went to the top to take in the view. 20190714_152916.jpg



Continuing on the coastline I really like the little elements of the artwork such as these what looked like postcards or classic beach scenes.  As you will see on my slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also came across this Lifeline Sculpture, like a lot of this art there were no artists statements so I know nothing about the art that is at Redcar. I would be interested to know more about it.


It reminded me of a musical instrument, maybe something from an Organ?  As if it was going to be played and the music would come up from the top.

Now on that sunny day what animals would you expect to see? Penguins? No… Oh yes, I saw a group of penguinss walking along the beach.


Clearly enjoying the sun like we were.


This sculpture is called Left Luggage by an Artist called Lewis Robinson. It was gifted to Redcar in 2007, it is to celebrate the filming of Atonement during the summer of 2006.



Speaking of films, we passed the old cinema and it was a shame that it looked a bit battered from the outside. It had these recognisable characters dotted around the building, can you guess any of them?


You must know who these guys are…


This one reminds me of The Greatest Showman.


Redcar is clearly a developing town and you can see that it is getting funding to improve it.   I was really impressed with this building called The Palace Hub.  20190714_152341

I had to do a google to find out what it was and it is.  The Palace Hub is a hub for creative industries in Redcar. The Hub is the home for the creative digital sector in, providing state of the art facilities to the emerging innovators and creatives of the region and bringing new talent to the area.

We came across another famous Redcar landmark, the Town Clock in the high street.


The memorial clock tower was designed by John Dobson from Redcar, in memory of King Edward VII.


As it was a Sunday, most of the town had gone home for the day so it was fairly quiet.  I think (like us) everyone was out on the beach enjoying the sea air, the sand and the glorious sunshine.

Though there is not much there, on a sunny day it is just nice to appreciate being outside and being on the beacon to take in the 360-degree view of the wonderful Redcar.





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