Review: Wind In The Willows @ The Garden Station

Images by Linda Hirst ( excuse quality it was raining) 

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We all know the classic tale of Wind In The Willows but never have I experienced it in an outdoor pop-up theatre before. 

Quantum Theatre tour nationally in the summer and winter seasons, with plays for all the family. They arrived at The Garden Station in Langley on Tyne,  built up their set and entertained a small audience with the delightful animal story. 

Mr Toad has become a bit of a radical racer and we join Mole, Ratty and Badger in their quest to stop Mr Toad getting into too much trouble. 

Only a small set, it is wonderful to see all 3 cast members pick a prop up and turn them into so many things. And the costumes are fab, as the actors use different headpieces to play each animal. It’s ingenious the way they have done it to create the story of the Wind In The Willows.


The performance is extremely entertaining and perfect for not just kids but adults as well, it is fast-paced, full of magic, music, energy and colour. 

Being in the gardens, the venue added to the magic of the play, as the trees and flowers moved in the wind and the birds tweeted- it really felt like we were in the woods with them.  And of course being England, it did rain but that is all part of the experience of an outdoor theatre- it felt like we were on the river swimming with Ratty. 


The Garden Station (hence it’s named) used to be an old railway line and the stage was under the old tunnel. Goodness know what Toady would have done if he had seen an old train rush by… toot too

For more information about The Garden Station click here

For more information about Quantum Theatre click here




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