My Career in Retail- Tynedale Hospice Charity Shop

It was from 2011-2012 when I worked here and it was a voluntary role.  I was still at school and I remember working there on weekends or just Sunday’s depending.

I knew to get a proper job, I needed experience so I handed my CV into the Tynedale Hospice Charity Shop and asked if I could volunteer. I got an interview and was offered the job.

Because I was young I was not allowed on the tills, so my job would mainly consist of customer service, tidying and checking the items that people would hand in.

I would get there in the morning, put my coat on the rack and my bag in the blue locker, sign in and say hello to my manager and then start my shift. I liked to walk around the shop and have a look at the stock we had and familiarise myself with the shop.

I would tidy the hangers and clothes on rails and dust the crockery and homeware. I would speak to the customers and my colleagues and just generally say hello.

If I was doing a close, I would hoover the shop floor and make sure it was ready for the next day.  I did enjoy my job, for all it was voluntary- I made friends and gained confidence in speaking to people.

That is what it was really about, just gaining skills that I could use and adapt to for future jobs. I know it was unpaid but I treat it like a paid job.

I dare say now it is easier to get a job in retail but back in the day, everyone was getting chairty jobs to add something to your CV.




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