Should I be doing a Masters?

Every year I ask myself the same question, should I be doing a Masters Degree in Marketing?

I ask myself this because I still do not have a proper full-time job and because I am looking at roles within marketing. I only have a degree in Journalism, which is useful but it is not useful enough to get a job in marketing. To be fair that has not been the reason as to why I have not been getting the jobs.

I have experience in marketing- just not a degree. And when I am applying for jobs in Marketing that is all I have to add to the application, my experience rather than the skills and degree.

It is a constant battle because what is to say that getting a Masters will help me get a job. I could do all of that work and then (like I have now) ended up with another degree and a not a job.

As I have noticed in jobs, it is who you know and the experience that all counts.  But then I keep thinking when I look at Marketing roles, I do not always understand the vocab as I have not studied in it- so I don’t know what the job is asking of me. I have to be honest, I still apply but I never get the roles.

But will the added degree help? I have no idea.

The other issue now is that I have no idea as to how I can fund masters and if I have enough drive inside me to go back to uni and do the work all in a year. I would find it embarrassing, feeling like a failure returning to university and doing it all over again.  Ha- I would probably me a mature student.

It’s just I feel so lost at the moment in my career, I have no idea what I should be doing.

What do you think? Have you ever done a MA and has it worked for you?

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