My Career in Retail- Tesco Extra

Not so much in retail more food but you catch my drift.

After my voluntary stint at the charity shop, I decided that I really needed paid work.  Not something too serious, just a little pocket money. I had noticed that Tesco Extra was hiring for numerous temporary roles and I thought I would have a go.

So I went into the store, asked for an application form- I filled it in then and there and returned to the desk. I can’t remember how long I waited but I know I was telephoned to be told that I had been invited for a group interview.

I don’t remember much about this (it was years ago) only that I was really confident and made sure that I stood out for all the right reasons. And luckily I got the job.

As I said, this was a seasonal temp role and my job was mainly on the checkouts and  I delivered a level of Customer Service that was expected of a Tesco Extra member of staff. I had loads of shifts and I was really happy to get the hours and do the job I was doing. I loved talking to customers about their day and what they were buying. I remember suggesting to customers what they could make for their tea with the ingredients they had bought.

The staff and managerial team were really nice and supportive to us and I felt like apart of the team.  The only downside was as I was under 18 I was not able to let customers buy age-appropriate products. So I always had to bother older staff members for authorisation. I felt bad but I had to do it- it’s the law.

I returned to Tesco Extra as a Customer during other seasonal periods, I did it for a long time even to when I was able to put through products without permission and was asked to stay on permanently. 

The only reason why I said no was because  I was about to decide on university and that time I was convinced I would be going to Leicester. And we all know what happened there, don’t we.

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