Graduation and Aftercare

So you’ve just finished university and you think you have your whole life planned out and you know what will happen and how you will make it happen. At least that is how I felt after I graduated.

It is now 3 or 4 years on since I have graduated and you guys know I have been struggling and it has made me think about the aftercare that you get when you leave education.

I think you took me one year to admit that I needed help and I accessed support from my university, looking at CV’s, Networking, Interview Techniques etc and don’t get me wrong what I got offered- really benefited me. This blog is not a hate message to my university.

It’s just once you have exhausted those options and used all of what you can, where do you go from there? I understand that you are asked to be independent and you have to work out life on your own but that for me is scary and I am struggling.

I know how to apply for jobs and tailor my CV and I am slowly but surely getting used to interviews (though I feel I still need be better)  but what happens when you don’t get any of that?

I have had a few interviews and who knows by the time I write this, I may be successful in one of them. But when I am not, I feel awful and there is no one to turn to with professional advice.

My family help the best they can and my uni friends who are in the know help. However, I feel like I need someone from uni or a professional tutor to provide me with sound advice. It would just add that peace of mind and make me feel better and improve my job applications.

I don’t know, maybe I am being silly and I need to stop being a wuss and get on with life.




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