Culture Trip 39- Northumberland Country Zoo

I had always wanted to go to the Northumberland Zoo, so when I had a week off I took the opportunity to visit.

Just outside Morpeth in Felton, it did not take too long for us to get there- though it was hard to find using the satnav. They have a good size car park so you don’t need to worry about finding a space.

Arrived and it cost us £8.95 per adult, we also got a stamp to incase we wanted to go in and out as we pleased. We were not in a rush so we intended to get around all in one. As you can see on the Zoo Map it is a big zoo, so there are lots to see and on a nice day (which we had) it was lovely to walk around.

If walking around is not your thing then are talks and feed events to keep you interested, on the day on the visit there is a timetable with what is happening. If you are taking your kids then there are not only animals to keep them entertained.  They have plenty of attractions such as an outdoor play area, mini-golf and a tractor museum.

I was quite surprised to see the range of animals at Northumberland Zoo, I loved seeing the tortoise huddled together under the light to stay warm.  These reptiles are endangered and seeing them made me realise that we need to look after them so generations are able to see them too.


I love Meerkats, and I  think it is due to that well-known advert that my love for these furry creatures has come.  It was lovely to see them as a family, caring and cuddling for each other.



From one cheeky chappy to another, how about these Ring Tailed Leemur’s.


Totally relaxed and loving life.


The Zoo appeared to have the males and females separated, the females were chilling out whilst this little guy clearly loved my camera.


The Zoo is also home to some Farm Animals too, you may see some horses, donkeys and pigs.



I don’t want to post too many photos- spoilers 😉  There are so many animals to see and it just nice to explore the Zoo and enjoy Northumberland.

For more information about Northumberland Zoo click here 


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