I am lost in my career #2

Hmm now, this blog title sounds familiar doesn’t it? That is because I have written something like this before. Click here to read it.

It is now 2019 and I feel exactly the same way if not worse since I wrote that blog.

It is a horrible feeling, I work in a part-time job that I don’t enjoy and it is not what I want to be doing.  When I graduated I had an idea of working in Journalism but we all know that panned out wrong.   And then I turned to Marketing and let’s face it- that is not working out either.

I am so lost and stuck, I don’t know which way to turn or what I should be doing. With both my Retail CV and Journalism CV, I have done soo much but the fact is that is just not enough any more and it is not helping me.

I need a focus in life, I hate not knowing what is next. I used to be so busy and driven and now I am feeling low and bored, I just don’t know what sort of career I should be doing.

I am running out of ideas, I could really do with someone looking at my CV and saying try this, this and this but that won’t happen 😦

I really need some support here guys, I hate feeling lost in my career.


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