Culture Trip 41- Dippy on Tour @ The Great North Museum

I thought I was dreaming when I saw giant dinosaur footprints in the city of Newcastle, but I wasn’t. It turns out Dippy has landed in The Great North Museum.

I believe he has been there since May and it has just taken me 4 months to see him- I have been busy guys. It is free to enter the museum and it is free to see Dippy- even better.

You can book to visit Dippy but we just turned up and walked to see the exhibition with no problems at all.  Now Dippy is a Diplodocus and he has lived in London for over 100 years and now he is in the North East.


Unveiled to the British public in 1905, Dippy was cast from the type specimen found in America. The full skeleton is 21.3 metres long, 4.3 metres wide and 4.25 metres high.


Dippy’s legs support his 15-tonne body, they weigh the same as 10 cars.


In the room where Dippy is, there is also a creative exhibition projected on the wall that tells us all about the environment and how we should be looking after it.

20190822_141636 He is an impressive sight and your jaw will drop as soon as you see Dippy. The Great North Museum also has an interesting exhibition about the history of Dinosaurs. You just simply need to follow the green steps to find out more.




Go and check Dippy out, maybe take a selfie or two and share it on the socials.



Dippy is at the Great North Museum till October 6th click here for more info

To find out where Dippy is going after Newcastle click here

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