My Career In Retail- Marks & Spencer

This job was only temporary and it was when I was doing my A-Levels, so the work was hard.

But I loved it, I applied online, had a one to one interview and I think I had a group interview too. My job was on the tills and on my shift I would log on to the hills, scan peoples shopping through and ask if they wanted help with their packing.

This was the days before parking tickets and Sparks Cards so I did not have to worry about that- I don’t think the bags were 5p…

It was simply talking to the customer and putting the shopping through, I loved it. I liked making customers happy, the MnS team were really helpful and lovely to me. They showed me other jobs on the shopfloor like restocking products, doing the delivery etc which I never got to do but it was useful to know.

I learnt a lot and it was a simple and enjoyable job.

It was a great job to have, it was a shame it was only temporary as I would quite like to have stayed on.


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