Getting Rejected

This is a little blog post/rant/rave/letter to employers.

I must have applied for over 1000 jobs since I graduated in 2016 and I have been unsuccessful in all of my applications.

I used to be able to take rejections but the longer it takes for me to get a job the more I hate reading rejection letters.

Now I understand that employers don’t’ realise how many jobs I have applied for or how many rejections I have had, which is fine. But what I don’t like is the tone or what the phrase of the letter says.

I hate it when they don’t provide feedback or can’t provide it because there were too many applicants. How am I supposed to improve? I can’t when I don’t get feedback, I just have to keep on applying and getting rejections.

Rejections affect my mental health, it should make me better and make me want it more but it has the opposite effect, it discourages me from applying.  When I do apply, in the back of my head I just think that I will not get it so what is the point? I don’t want the heartbreak of rejection.

As long as the employer provides me with valuable feedback, the rejection is not as bad- it hurts but I can take it.

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