Retail Roundup

I am currently working part-time in retail and I have been there for 3+ years. As you have read from my other blog posts, I have worked in retail for a range of jobs over the years so I have learnt and experienced a lot.

And people who have not worked in retail may think it is easy but let me tell you. it is far from it. There is so much to remember and learn like product, styles, packages, offers, customer orders, refunds, replenishment of stock, sale etc

It can be hard going, in fact, the customer service bit is usually the most simple part of the job.  Though sometimes I feel like customers treat us poorly, just because we work in retail does not mean we have hopes, dreams and aspirations. Most of us are educated and have degrees so please customers don’t treat us like we are stupid.

Retail is stressful and there sometimes there can be disagreements over issues at work and sometimes customer complaints can cause stressful situations for us staff members.

I only work part-time and you guys know that this is not what I want to do for my future career but others have it as their full-time job and it is what they want to do. So everyone must respect that. It is hard work working in retail and I salute those fellow workers who do.






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