Downfalls of Blogging

Who you knew there were some?

Well, I find there are anyway…


I sometimes struggle for content ideas and I feel pressurised and panicked if I don’t have any content. I learnt not to apologise for taking a break or not having anything to post but I still feel guilty.


I fear that my content is not creative enough or engaging. I love to write and include pictures where I can but I worry that my readers find it dull.


Because of the areas, I cover I sometimes worry that I miss out on talking about other subjects that other bloggers cover and perhaps readers want to read. Do I need to start branching out? Would you like that?


There are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there and I follow a quite a few of them in the North East. These North East bloggers are amazing and I love their content and nine times out of ten, I will look at other blogs and think what is the point in posting anything when I know that their content is better than mine.

I know I should not think that but it comes up a lot in my head.

Social Media

I have the same feeling towards social media, that other bloggers post loads and I don’t. I don’t always enjoy posting daily, I only want to post what I like and when I like. I like it to be natural rather than forced content.  But there is feeling that other post more than me and I stress out.


I never get any opportunities and I think that is because of my lack of following and because I am too niche. There are plenty of blogging opps but only if you have a massive following or a specific blogger.


This brings me nicely on to followers, I don’t have a big following in comparison to other bloggers. But if I am honest, it does not bother me so much, I enjoy writing that is important to me not the numbers. But I understand in the industry the numbers matter.


Looking back it looks as though I am comparing myself to other bloggers and I am if I am honest. Perhaps I should not and I would not feel this way but these are the things that float around in my mind when I am thinking about my blog.










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