What Anxiety feels like to me

I said in my previous Anxiety blog that I would tell you how it affects me in other parts of my life. It is going to be hard to tell you about that, so instead, I thought I would tell you what Anxiety feels like for me.

I have already explained in a previous post about anxiety and driving tests and what happens to me physically at that moment. But in everyday life, when I feel anxious or panicky, then that feeling is totally different.

In moments where I have this emotion, I can often get headaches and my muscles become tense and my whole body feels like it is in a straight jacket and I feel dizzy.  Or I get chest pains and it can feel sore to breathe, I can ger shooting pains across my chest and down my arm. And sometimes I can feel sick and get butterflies in my stomach and not want to move.

That is what usually happens to me physically meanwhile my little brain in my head is either panicking, overthinking, worrying or feeling anxious.

Don’t worry my dear readers, I have found and still am looking for a range of methods to help me deal and cope with these feelings. To find out more about that click here

I also find that being honest with you is helping me, being open and honest and expressing my emotions through this creative outlet called a blog aka Gemma’s Journey 😉 is release for me.





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