Review: Reasons To Stay Alive @ Northern Stage

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I never like to include myself in reviews as I feel it can be vain and unprofessional. But with this performance of Reasons To Stay Alive I have no choice but to involve me. 

For those who follow me on social media, you will know that I actually am writing this the next day. Usually, I write a review on the same night as soon as I get home yet with this piece, I needed time to think and absorb what it was that I had watched.

Not because of the quality of the production but because of the emotional impact this true story had on me. I found myself in tears from the end of the show to getting on the bus to go home, my dear reader’s Reasons To Stay Alive has had a massive impact on me.

An adaptation of Matt Haig’s bestseller, this play follows Matt on his uplifting journey and exploration to his own mental health.   

 I have spoken about it in my blog recently and my own dealings with Anxiety has been and still is difficult. Of course, you read all about in the media but I bever truly felt that what I am going through has been represented and that has made me question if I even have problems with my mental health.

After watching Reasons To Stay Alive I have personally learnt that I am not alone in this, that there are other people going through this and it is ok to speak out about how I am feeling.

On stage, there was what looked like a  giant cracked egg that was supported by scaffolding. And that would be pushed and pulled apart adapting to the scenes as they unfold.

The physical theatre was a prominent technique in the performance and it really was a clever technique to use, it made the piece become gentle and added a hidden depth and meaning towards the characters’ emotions. Where they may have struggled to emote through voice, physicality was the right treatment. 

The play included an older Matt (Phil Cheadle) and younger Matt (Mike Noble) who talk and support each other throughout the story.  

There was a lot of what older Matt said that struck a chord with me, I felt his words were directed towards me and I could feel those words go straight to my heart.

Though it may not sound like it but Reasons To Stay Alive is an uplifting piece that lets you know that it is ok not be to be ok and it will get better.

Reasons To Stay Alive is on at Northern Stage till the 19th October, for more information click here 

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