Being More Frisky and Mannish

I always smile and laugh whenever I see this photograph, it was taken last month when I went to see Frisky and Mannish’s new show – Pop Lab. It was their new show and I had not been able to see it at the Fringe Festival, lucky for me they were touring to the North East at Northern Stage.

I was buzzing when I read the tour dates and I got tickets as soon as they went on sale. By the way, if you are reading this and thinking, who the heck is Frisky and Mannish click here 

I was counting down the days till the show date and I had planned out my outfit and everything. I had been on a little break away so I ended up travelling back home on the date of the show and didn’t have time to get changed into my planned outfit.

Before seeing F&M’s new show I had not been feeling myself, I was feeling really lost and a little low. So whilst I was excited to see them and their show, there was a part of me that was feeling reticent.

And I blooming loved Pop Lab, Frisky and Mannish are so funny and talented I just can’t get enough of their them.  If you ever get to see their new show, go because it is so funny. I was laughing and smiling throughout the whole show.

As you can tell by the photograph, I did get to meet them (again) and we know each other well now so we had a bit of natter on and they were lovely as ever. I left Northern Stage feeling so happy and more like myself.

You see when I found out about Frisky and Mannish, I would go on my own to travel to London and everywhere to see them and I would wear bright colour blazers and high tops. And now I don’t do that just because I don’t feel like myself or like that anymore. I would not dare to go to London on my own.

But after that show, I felt like I could do that again. All the memories of how I used to be like came flooding back. I have to be honest and say on the day I am writing this, which is 9th November 2019 I don’t have that feeling anymore, I am back to being low.

Honestly, Frisky and Mannish- if you are reading this then I thank you for making me haha and inspiring me to be a more confident and outgoing person. And though I am not feeling like today, I am sure I will be back to that any moment now.





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