Working for Free

If you check out my LinkedIn then you will know that I have many a work experience and wrote for many publications. And all of those experiences have been for free.

Not because I have turned down payment but because it has been a non-payment opportunity and great for my CV. Over my career,  I have plenty of those and being younger I took them and they have all been beneficial to me.

I feel that when you tell people it is free you are looked down upon.  And people say aww I suppose it is good for you CV and they give you that look…

But now, when I apply for jobs all this working for free business is not what the employee wants to hear. Which is frustrating as it is not my fault and there was nothing that I could do.

As I am older, I can’t afford the free opportunities anymore, I am on the lookout for paid work.   Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with free work as I would not have got to where I am without it.  I feel like sometimes companies take advantage of that and the more experienced and wiser I get, I am able to have the confidence to say no and ask if there are paid opportunities.



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