How I used to be

As you may have seen I went to see The Overtones recently,  I was sat at the Sage Gateshead thinking where I was when I first reviewed them. I was at the City Hall reviewing the band for the Chronicle Live and now I am reviewing them for my blog.

It made me think about my Journalism Career and how hard I had worked to get to where I am, reviewing for so many publications to now having my own blog and creating my own content. It was a positive thought and I felt quite proud of myself in how far I had come. Never in a million years did I think that I would be my own content creator.

Reflecting upon my own career made me think about my past and how I used to be and what I used to like. As I was writing about The Overtones, I was listening to their previous albums and remembering all the good times and it made me feel so happy.

I had never danced like that in ages, it really did put a spring in my step, being stuck in a rut like I am now I am soo focused on the present and the negative emotions that I forget about the past.

I guess I am afraid of looking back in the past in fear of upsetting myself but at this moment it is making me feel happy and I like that feeling, it is inspiring me to be more like myself again.  I may have mentioned this in my post about Frisky and Mannish but when I first found out about them, they really inspired my clothes and gave me the confidence. It was due to them that I travelled to London to write about the cabaret shows.

I could never do that now, my anxiety would be through the roof but that is the point, I did that in the past and I want to be able to do that again now. I want to do so much and have some amazing life experiences, the only thing that is stopping me is my low mood 😦 But hopefully, that will and can change.



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