Anxiety in the workplace

You will know that I currently work part-time in retail and it has its ups and downs especially during the festive period.  And it can be stressful for both customer and the worker.

When I have stressful days my anxiety goes through the roof, there is a little voice in my head that is crying out for help and is wondering how I am coping and if I am doing a good job.

I have recently transferred locations within the company and I put myself under a lot of pressure. If I make a mistake or I can’t complete a task or achieve a target etc then my anxiety starts and continues throughout the day till I get home.

I start to worry and think of all of the outcomes as to what could happen as a result of my mistakes and I really think about the OTT outcomes and really wind myself up.

My anxiety kicks in when I am serving customers, I start doubting myself if I am doing the right thing or giving them the right option. If I think the customer is of high class then I start to lower myself and turn inwards, as if I am not good enough to serve this amazing customer.

My voice starts telling me that I am not good enough and again that transpires into low self-esteem and confidence.  So when I finish my shift and I am at home I feel rubbish.

I wish there a turn off switch for this voice in my head as it is not helpful at work.




2 thoughts on “Anxiety in the workplace

  1. You are such a lovely, funny, kind person & I wish I could wave a magic wand & chase your anxieties away for you xxx

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