Anxiety when travelling

I am not a stranger when comes to travelling, I don’t drive yet so I rely on public transport quite a bit.

I am fine when it comes to getting on a bus or a train when it is a short local journey, yet if it is running late- I start to feel anxious.  I usually get an early time anyway so even if I am late I still have plenty of time but I still get worried about being late somewhere.

Sometimes I have to travel long journeys on trains and I have to change and maybe use stations that  I don’t like using as they are very busy and overwhelming. When I have to change in so little time or go to a busy station, I have a mini panic. I can’t afford to have an anxiety attack as that will make everything worse.

Instead, I have to tell myself to breathe, calm down and quiet the mind as there is nothing I can do if I have a full-blown attack.  I just need to focus on what I am doing, where I am going and the time. And if the train or bus is late, there is nothing I can do about it, I have no control over it.  I will get there when I get there.


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