Happy New Year

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Happy New Year, I am hoping that I am not too late to say that.  Sorry, I have been away, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

I don’t want to dwell too much in 2019 only that I hope 2020 is much bigger, brighter and better.  With that in mind, I have many new year resolutions.

When you see them, you think that they look more like a to-do list rather than resolutions.  So I am going to explain them to you.


Being Happy

This is something I would like to focus on, I get stressed and upset by the littlest of things these days and I don’t want to be feeling that way. I feel like I have lost my spark and I would like it back thank you very much, so I am going to keep smiling and seeing the brighter sides of life.

Living Life

Talking of which, I want to live my life and have experiences that  I can shout from the rooftops about. In 2019, I felt that  I slugged along and just glided through rather than leaping and bouncing around.  I am 25 now (my birthday was on 3rd Jan) so I should be out there grasping life whilst I have the opportunity too.


This is something that I have also lost, I need to have some confidence in myself and that will come through in my career. I tend to doubt myself and question my ability and talk myself out of things as I don’t feel like I am good enough. But that needs to change, start thinking I can and I will rather than I can’t.


I can’t remember when I last went to the theatre, I have not reviewed anything in ages and that is due to work and other things getting in the way. So this year I would like to go to the theatre more as that is what I like doing and is my passion.


I am going to put more effort into my blog, planning my schedule, content (across all my channels)  I also need to improve my skills, I have started to train myself into Google Analytics so I can understand what and when you guys like to read my blog.


We all know the problems I have had, this year I want to book my test in and pass it this year. Driving will not break me.


I am talking about my current part-time job, don’t worry I am still applying for full-time jobs in media. I am finding my job a little stressful and it tends to upset me and affect my life outside work. And I don’t want that to happen, work is work and it will not take priority over my life.


If you read my Anxiety features, then you will know that I am struggling with it. For 2020 I’d like to learn to cope with it and embrace it- you never know if I learn my triggers and find a coping mechanism I might be able to get rid of it or at least find a way to live with it.


Remember when I went to London and Edxnguhburgh on my own? Yea I would never have done that in 2019, I would like to try it in 2020 and see how I get on.


Whether it is clubbercise, Zumba or dancing around the kitchen, it is like theatre. I love doing it and it makes me happy so I just want to keep that up. Same with my yoga, meditation, it makes me feel good so keep it up.


Last, of all, don’t put to much pressure on myself.  Don’t worry about completing all of these or not completing them etc just learn to chill out and let things be.





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