I bought a party outfit from a charity shop

I am no trendsetter but I love buying new clothes that make me feel good. The trouble is that when I have had my wear out of them, I usually either throw them away or send them to the charity shop.

One thing I have never done is bought clothes from my local charity shops. And let’s face it, it is better for the environment rather than shopping from fast fashion industries. It is nice to find one of the vintage pieces and supporting a charity at the same time.

  So I have decided for 2020, that is exactly what I am going to do. If I am in need of a piece of clothing then I will go to the charity shop and for every piece I buy, I will donate or Depop an old item that I have not worn.

I also want to break the taboo subject of buying from a charity shop and encourage you guys, to buy clothes from charity shops rather than buying new online and on the fashion high street stores. Go and donate your own clothes rather than dumping them in the bin, to buy from charity and donate to charity.

I was on the lookout for a couple of party pieces so I went to the Marie Curie shop in Gosforth.

Marie Curie has more than 160 shops across the UK and they get thousands of bags donated every week. So I was excited to see what I could find.

I spent a good 15mintues looking through all the rails and what loved about Marie Curie, was that everything was organised into styles, colours and sizes- it was an absolute dream to shop.


 I picked up 7 items, ranging from skirts, tops and dresses and I walked into the changing room and tried everything on. Everything was steamed and smelt fresh so all of the donations must be cleaned and steamed before they arrive on to the shop floor. 


Not everything fitted or suited me but I managed to whittle 7 items down to 2.  I chose a red sparkly PerUna MnS top and a gorgeous green sparkly dress with a daring back from George ASDA  I ended up buying both of them.

Not knowing what the original prices were, as you can see I paid £11.45 altogether. Now I think that is a bargain and I would not have paid that on the high street.


I really enjoyed my shopping trip at Marie Curie Gosforth shop, I hope it encourages you guys to charity shop too.

To find out more about Gosforth Marie Curie Shop, click here 




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