(Ad) A twist on vegan stew

Schwartz has sent me Mixed Herbs for review, but all views are my own. 

This is an Advert. 

I and my family love to cook, we tend to have a vegan diet in the Hirst household so our tea times can be very exciting. 

People think that a Vegan diet is limiting but since being Vegan, it has educated our pallets and encouraged us a family to try new foods and flavours. 

 It was a wintry day and everyone was really cold so we decided to make a simple stew, with stock, celery, carrots, potatoes, squash and Vegan Mince. This is what we usually put in a stew but as Schwartz sent me their Mixed Herbs Product, I decided to put in a good sprinkling of that.


Stirring the mixed herbs in, we let all the flavours and the vegetable marinade. The Mixed Herbs is a fusion of Basil, Oregano, Thyme and Marjoram. I was really excited to taste the stew with these newly added flavours. 


Checked the pot and it was ready to be served, I served it out into our lovely soup/stew bowls that have been in the family for years- making sure that everyone had enough of each vegetable and added a slice of bread to go with it.

We actually tried Tesco own brand of vegan mince and had a mushroom-like texture a bit different to the normal vegan mince we usually use. 

And it was really tasty, you could actually taste the mixed herbs- it was a subtle taste but it really elevated the dish and the flavours. Rather than it being a bog-standard stew, the herbs added something extra to the dish.


The Schwartz Mixed Herbs bottle is of a good size, so it means I can create other dishes and use this product to evaluate other meals that I and my family make. What I also appreciate is that when the product is finished, they have clearly marked what part of the product is recyclable which is something I am really passionate about lately. 


We probably made too much of the vegetable, we had more for the next day and because the stew had time to settle with the herbs the next day it just intensified the flavours even more.

  You can buy Mixed Herbs from Tesco click here 


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