The Power of the Stars

Don’t worry I have not gone all Brian Cox on you, this is not that type of blog.

I am talking about pop stars, I have been to a few gigs recently and I have noticed how the current news and political events have a strong source of conversation for the artists.

Whenever the artists do mention these subjects you would be surprised by how strong the reaction of the audience is. They scream, shout and raise their hands and it got me thinking about if they react this way when they are at home sitting in front of the tv or listening to the news on the radio.

An artist mentions a politician and the whole venue is in an uproar, is the audience this excited when they vote? Do they feel this passionate when they are visiting the voting station? Or is it just because they are so excited about the artist or have had many drinks that they are all up a hoot?

What I don’t understand is the artist is the one with all the voice- expressing these strong viewpoints. They want the audience to do something about it, yes they feel this way but it is not up to the artist, it is up to the audience. Surly as a famous musician, they have a stronger influence on these matters and though they can influence their fans, why can’t they put their views in motion and push it up to those in a higher power? Rather than expecting the audience to put all the work in.

I also wonder, how much the audience understand about current affairs.  When I was at Sam Fender gig in Newcastle, the age range was mixed. There were a lot of younger people and Fender mentioned Mike Ashley (google it) and the younger lot booed and shook their fists and I wondered how much they understood. Did they really know why they were booing or were they just agreeing with their favourite star?

I find it refreshing to hear a star talk about politics rather than just music, I just think they should use their voice in a way that they can really make the difference rather than preaching to their fans.




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