Making Decisions

Recently I had a big career decision to make and I had to be quick about it, so I wrote a list of pros and cons, asked friends and family and I still could not decide.

Writing a list of pros and cons made it easier for me to physically see my thoughts on paper and make things clearer for me. However, it was really overwhelming and it made the decision worse.

When I asked my friends and family for their opinion, what they didn’t know was that I heavily relied upon it.  I almost wanted them to tell me what to do. I really took their views into account and it affected me a lot.

I was scared of making the wrong choice, I did not want to disappoint anyone or making the wrong decision and wish I had made the other. Because I was forced to hurry up, I found myself making the decision on deadline day and I find it best (even if it is stressful) to make a spot decision.

And now that I have made that decision, I am so relieved and happy that I have made that decision and I believe it to be the right one.

But I find that I do this in life, whether it is going to a film, reading the menu or doing something on my day off- I can’t decide what to do. I always end up saying what do you think, I always ask someone and rely on them. I am not always confident in making my own decision.






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