The positive side of COVD19

So I was not going to post anything coronavirus related as I don’t like reading about it. But then I realised I can do something about that, I can write a positive post about COVID 19.

Without further ado, here are some positive things about COVID19.

To-do List

You can finally check off that to-do list that you have always wanted to tick off, it might be a small thing like cleaning your room or organising your calendar. Let’s face it, you have the time to do it.


If like me, you have plenty of books piled up ready to read. Then now is your chance to read them.


If you are lucky to have a garden or have a walking route nearby then you are allowed to go outside once.  We have been played peg darts and Frisby golf in our garden, it is the simple things in life- finding what you have in the shed and getting creative. Plus being outdoors is good for your mental health.


I have downloaded so many podcasts, I can’t wait to listen to them. If you are in the shower, getting ready for the day or want to sit down but not watch the tv- put on a podcast. It allows you to have an inner conversation and focus on something else other than covid19.


Listen to some tunes, I have gone old school and started to listen to my CDs and Tapes that I have not heard in ages as I used to use Spotify.  Find those playlists that make you happy and have your own solo dance party, go on you know you want to.

Colour in and draw

Find some pens and pencils and get creative, I have those colour in books and I have found it rather relaxing to do that.

Learn a new skill

Think of that thing that you have always wanted to do but could not as you were busy. Now you are at home, there are plenty of online resources to learn something new.  I want to learn a new language, update blogging skills and get through my google course.


There are so many online exercise classes out there and all for free- it is amazing. I know Joe Wicks has been popular in our household, I rather enjoy doing dance, pilates and yoga.

Self Care

This is a time to look after yourself, be kind to yourself. Stay safe and calm and take each day as it comes.


Listen to the birds, feel how soft your pillow is at night,  when you eat your food and drink your tea just really appreciate all the senses, how it tastes and how it smells.  Appreciate the small things in life.


We are going to be with our family for a long period of time, so utilise that- talk to them, be kind to them, play games, watch a film and enjoy each others company.


We can’t physically reach out to our families, but we can use tech to contact them. I have been using Skype to contact my family and it is great that we can do that. It is better than nothing.


I am sure there are many more things you can do whilst we are on lockdown, please comment and let me know what you are doing.

I just want to say thank you for all the NHS staff and Key Workers who are still out there and doing their part to save lives.





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