Why I love Bright Light Bright Light

This is going to be a bit of a fangirl post, but I am not going to apologise. We are in a scary time at the moment and BrightLight X2  is the only thing that is making me happy.

Now I actually have a history with BrightLight X2, I saw him at Newcastle Think Tank in November 2016. You can check out my badly written review here and I say badly written because I was new to blogging then and I did not know what I was doing.

I still remember that gig and this sounds dramatic but it really inspired me to be me, his performance was full of fun and colour and it was totally fabulous.

For those of you who have not heard of Bright LightX2, he is called Rod Thomas, originally from Wales but now in New York. His music is pop/dance genre and just around feel good get up of your chair and shake your booty music. He has also collaborated with some big names in music, go give him a google now and come back to my blog when you do.

You may be wondering why I am blogging about him now, well I actually had forgotten about him till COVID 19 started. I was listening to my CD’s and came across his album- Choreography and it got me thinking about where he is now.

Following him on all the socials and listening to his music, I had arrived to find out he had a new track coming out called This Was My House.  According to BrightLightx2, the song is about

This song is my love letter to the LGBTQ+ community whose safe spaces have been really hard hit in the last few years – especially now with public spaces being closed. Thank you to all the inspiring people in the LGBTQ+ world who work so hard for our rights, our freedom and our joy xx
It’s pretty cool that Bright Light x2 has included friends,artists, activists, philanthropists in the LGBTQ community in the video.

As someone who A- feels safer in LGBT clubs and B- Spends most of her time in theatres, galleries and art spaces I can totally relate to this song. These spaces are places where we feel safe, can express ourselves and be apart of a community- be apart of likeminded people. But now these spaces are being closed, where do we have to go?

I love this new track, I am in love with the music video.  I really want to have a pink telephone and a glitter ball.

I also learnt that Bright Light Bright Light runs a DJ Set at Club Cumming in New York called Romy & Michele Tea Party every Saturday.  Now due to Covid19, he can’t do that. So he has been doing a virtual tea party on Instagram Live, Facebook Live and Twitch, it is on every Saturday at 8pm GMT and it is the highlight of my week. If you watch him on twitch, you will see the set up he has. It is impressive to see the table, record player, microphone, all the machines etc I don’t know how he does it but it works.

There are sometimes themes to his DJ Set, last week was Boy Bands vs Girl Bands and it was my favourite set yet.  He played some of my favourites, like Girls Aloud, Scisiosr Sisters, Steps and of course PJ & Duncan.

It is so much fun, just enjoying the music and having a bit of a boogie in your own home.  But it does not feel like you are alone, there is a strong sense of community, I watch on Instagram Live and you start to recognise the regular accounts and you can have a chat with them on the live comment section.  This will sound cheesy but it feels like a family on there, in these dark times we need to stick together and talk to each other and it feels like that at these Tea Parties.

What I also admire about Bright Light, is that he knows his shit when it comes to music.  He has so many records and you can tell he has a passion for music when he talks about it, it is refreshing to see.

I am writing this blog because Bright Light should be recognised, he is making everyone feel happy and put a bit of joy back into their lives, at least he is with me anyway. You could argue that just putting on music can do the same trick, but it doesn’t.

He is sharing his music with us and it is like we are in room with him, just letting go, forgetting about the world and loving the music.  So if like me, you are feeling a bit crap and need a cheering up, check out BrightLight x2 on the socials and come to his tea party on Saturday?




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