Andrew Lloyd Webber brings shows to your screens

If you know me then you will you that I love musicals and have been fortunate to see a few. Whether that has been through press access or simply buying a ticket and seeing the show.

But not everyone has had that opportunity.  Due to COVID19 it has meant that the theatres are closed, so no one is able to see any shows.  Until now,  Andrew Lloyd Webber has created The Show Must Go On series that aires on YouTube every Friday night at 7pm.

The Show Must Go On allows everyone to sit in their homes and watch a musical that has been produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. So far we have had, Joseph and his technicolour Dream Coat, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Phantom of The Opera. As this post will be published on the day and time of the next show, I don’t know what it is till I watch. They do announce the show before but I like to keep it a surprise.

The best part about this is, it is free. I think it is fantastic that literally everybody from across the world can log in to YouTube and watch a brilliant show all for free. I had never seen Phantom before and I was completely blown away by it, all the Hirst family were sat around the living room mesmerized by the performance.

It is bringing families together,  not all of my family usually like musicals so it is bringing a new pair of eyes, educating a new audience to the theatre. If you miss the live stream, it is available for 24 hours afterwards, so you are able to catch up and have that same experience.

I thank Andrew Lloyd Webber for doing this, I hope that it encourages people to return to the theatre after this time and I hope that it brings new audiences to the theatre who would not usually go.






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