Review: Good Years Album, The Shires

*This is not an advert I paid for the CD and I am reviewing it*

I had forgotten about The Shires till I saw them pop up on Mrs Browns Boys and heard their new track Lightning Strikes from their new album Good Years. So I bought the album and yes it is not an essential item but music makes me happy so…

When I listen to Good Years, I am getting a sense of reflection and excitement for the future.  I also think that this album sounds different compared to their previous work, it’s more slow and romantic music.

Being in this strange time, I think we need songs like this- it’s nice to have upbeat tracks but reflective pieces can make us slow down and just take stock of what is going on. Good Years comes together as 12 tracks and I have four or five favourite tracks from it.

The opening track, Lightning Strikes is a catchy little song, it’s got the heart of The Shires with this edge of pop.  It is a fusion that draws me into the album and I am intrigued to listen to more, it lures you in.

Title track Good Years is the perfect time to reflect on what is going on right now, it’s pertinent. I am listening to this song in my room and I am reflecting on my past, my present and what my future is going to look like. Good Years puts everything into perspective and just makes you appreciate life and really be grateful for being safe with friends and family.

No Secrets is more The Shires vibe, upbeat, uptempo and it is a heartwarming song. It’s about a relationship that has no secrets, yes they might fight but they are honest with each other and have no secret. Aww it makes me so happy to listen to this song, I am sick of heartbreak songs so it is nice to hear a refreshing song about love and honesty, this is going to be a hit in the tour (when it happens).

Saying that the song New Years is a little soppy, about being without your loved one on New Years.  It makes me a little sad as I am fortunate to be with my loved ones during this magical time, whilst I love this slow gentle song as it takes me back to my New Years parties it makes me sad to think about someone being on their own.  Though this is country-folk I can hear this song in a musical theatre number.

For me Independence Day is the banger in this album if I memory serves me right- I think this song was played in their last live tour that I saw at Sage Gateshead.  This is another upbeat song, it captures that celebratory party atmosphere of Independence Day.

Good Years, takes you on a musical journey there are some bangers on there that make you feel good but there are also some beautiful pieces of music that make you reflect on everything that is going on in the world.





Check out The Shires here 

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