Being In The Present

This lockdown situation is very strange and I go through a rollercoaster of emotions.  Each day is different,  no matter how much I try and control it- to try to have a positive day it just does not happen.

That gets me upset if I don’t have a good day I feel angry.  My family listen to the news updates and if I am honest, I have not listened to the news since the news of covid19. I just don’t want to hear it, unless it is good news that we can go out I just don’t want to know. The news really has an impact on my emotions, hence I turn it off.

I am having a lot of panic/negative moments and they are not a nice experience when this does happen I am trying to stay in the present. Just take each day as it comes and focus on that day when it happens.

My current routine is to still get up at a good time of the morning, I do a morning meditation to feel better and to try and start the day in the right frame of mind. When I get in the shower, I feel the temporature of the water, the smell of the washes that I use and I just enjoy this time that I have to myself.

Once I am out the bathroom it is the same ilk when I am getting ready, taking the time to get ready, appearing the moistuerises on my body, feeling the material of my clothes and just breathing. I just sit for a couple of minutes, compose myself and take a breath and get set for the day.

When I get downstairs is where the anxiety starts to happen for me, the telly is on and there will be the talk of COVID19.  And I don’t want that, so I again focus on the breathe and enjoy the experience of my breakfast, the taste and textures of it.

Throughout the day, it is just about having the inner conversation with yourself and noting what you are doing right now in that moment, getting in touch with senses and focusing on the now.

There are times when it gets too much or I struggle to focus, so I take myself to a quiet space and if I can’t do that I just stop where I am and just take slow breaths and just focus on that and stay in the present.




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