My BBC Sounds Recommendations

When BBC Sounds were created, I was totally against it but since lockdown, I have been loving it.

BBC Sounds replaced I Player Radio App, it allows you to listen to BBC Radio Stations Live, podcasts, music mixes and much more. You can subscribe to the programmes that you love and download them to listen to later and all for free.

So here are my BBC Sounds recommendations

Night Tracks

I came across this completely by accident, it is on Radio 3 on a late night. I was struggling to sleep and I was just scrolling through the channels to see what I could find and there I came across Night Tracks.  They play some beautiful pieces of music to help you drift off to sleep. When I can’t sleep, I play Night Tracks and I gently doze off.

Radio 1 Power Down Playlist with Annie Mac

Annie Mac has a voice like chocolate, it is so relaxing. Again she does a show (forgive me I don’t know when) where she plays relaxing new music to get us settled into an evening and a state of relaxing- powering down.  I like to listen to this before and after yoga and when I am in the shower in the mornings, I just feel so very chill and relaxed when I listen to her sounds. I have got the music from her playlist and saved it on Spotify so when I need some me time, I can listen to those sounds.

There are also a couple of there playlists that I use to relax, such as Mindful Mix and the Chill Mix.

Evil Genius Podcast

This is a really interesting podcast by Russel Kane.  Russel has chosen a cultural icon and done a lot of research into them, him and his guests read 3 interesting facts about the said icon and at the end of the podcast decide if they are evil or genius.  They have chosen some really famous people and will totally change your perception of them. I can no longer look at Charles Dickens in the same way again.

Happy Hour from Radio 1

The Happy Hour music is lots of fun, the playlist is full of absolute bangers chosen by Matt and Mollie.  It just makes me happy and I want to dance around when I listen to them. There is a mix of genres of music in there so there is something for everyone. If you are in a bad mood, this will cheer you up.

Focus Beats

I am actually listening to this now as I write. It is a mix of instrumental rhythms and soundscapes to help you concentrate whilst you work.  Sometimes I can’t focus on work when I am distracted by songs that I know the lyrics too, so it is nice to have some gentle music playing in the background.

Fashion Fix

Hosted by Model Charlie Howard, she looks at a sustainable and stylish fashion.  She also shows us how we can save the world with fashion fixes. It really inspired me with the Fashion section of my blog and just to shop ethically when I am wanting a new item.

Pace Setter

This supposed to be for runners or workouts but I think they are great motivational tracks if you are putting your clothes away or washing your dishes, then these tracks can help you do that.


Click here to access BBC Sounds

One thought on “My BBC Sounds Recommendations

  1. Great article, and certainly plenty to explore here.
    It got me thinking just how much the way we consume media content has changed. Back in the day, if you didn’t listen to the radio in the moment, all of these gems might pass you by and be lost.
    The point of great content is that is should be shared and discussed.
    Now, broadcasters have become digital archivists and we are all the curators of our own moments of joy.
    “Did you hear?” has now become “You should hear!”
    Brilliance and beauty are less ephemeral than they were.


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