Looking towards the future

As I have said during this lockdown period that we are in, I am spending this time to reflect, stay in the present and to think about the future.

Obviously, we have no idea when this is going to be all over but I can’t wait for that day if and when it comes. When I think about that day, I get excited just thinking about what I will be able to do.

I will be able to go to the theatre, visit places for Culture Trips, go to music gigs- anything cultural, I will dive right into.  This is all Bright Light Bright Light’s fault of course, but I would like to travel to New York. He showcases the city in a wonderful light that I would like to go, I would love to go to his DJ Session in Club Cumming on a Saturday. Just experience everything New York has to offer me.

I would love to travel more, maybe return to London or Edinburgh. Due to my anxiety, I have not gone as a field but sitting here in my house days on end as realised to me that I need to go out more and live life.

I have also been thinking about my career a lot, I am grateful for having a part-time job that I love but I really need to focus on my main career and figure out what I want to do with it. I am going, to be honest, I am a little scared as I don’t really know what I want to do.

During the lockdown, I have been learning new skills with Google, I have been learning about Google Analytics, Journalism and Marketing. I am thinking about using the Open University for free online courses, just to educate myself more and learn more skills.

I have been thinking about Dance, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba etc. I really enjoy doing that and in my schooling years, I did A Level Dance and Sports Award. I have been thinking about becoming an instructor in Zumba or Pilates or even Yoga. I would, of course, have to get into educating myself about fitness and the body and learn about yoga etc but I would love to do it.

I want to get into the arts and performing again as well, maybe going into a local performing arts group or finding a dance company.  I do miss performing and I doing a dance in the house makes me want to do it again.

It is funny how these times change you and make you think, I am fed up of sitting here doing nothing. I really want to make a difference to the world somehow, change things be of use in a positive way.

I am excited about the future, I don’t know how it will all pan out but  I can’t go back to how things used to be.




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