Workouts to Do at Home

As we know,  during isolation we are allowed to go and do one form of exercise, I am not the outdoors running type. So I have found workouts that I can do at home, here are a few of my favourites to share with you.

Yoga with Adrienne

I love doing Yoga, I love what it does for my body and mind.  Admit I have only done one Yoga session of hers on YouTube, which is Yoga for Digestion. I have been suffering with IBS and bad digestion during isolation and I find this class soothes my pain and eases my stomach. It is also a great workout and I am left feeling rather zen.

Sweaty Betty

Best known for their leggings and fitness wear, I would love to wear them. The Sweaty Betty Ambassadors have been putting workouts on their Instagram and YouTube page. From Core, Pilates, Dance, Disco Yoga and much much more- there is a variety of workouts and they are all doable in our houses.

Control & Move Pilates and Fitness 

I know Catherine really well, she is a bloody good instructor, I was struggling with my core and my back- turns out they are linked.  So she did a 7 day Pilates Challenge. I really found Catherine’s 7 Day Pilates Challenge Beneficial. It helped both my body and my mind. Especially during a lockdown, I needed something to keep me moving. Her videos are really accessible, I can do her practice at any time of the day which is great for me. Catherine is a wonderful instructor, she explains things in a slow and concise manner.


My brother suggested MadFit, I have only done her Dance Workout class and I really enjoyed it. It did not feel like a workout at all, she doesn’t;t just do dance. If you click on her YouTube channel then you will see she has a range of workouts, from dance to yoga, to HIIT Classes. Her classes are all to come great tunes as well, so you can sing and workout at the same time.

Let me know what your workouts are and let me know if you give any of my recommendations ago.


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