Finding a job in 2020

Since the new year started, my job search has been really difficult. Now that we are experiencing a pandemic, it has become even more of a struggle than before.

Post pandemic it was a fight to find jobs in marketing, every application was rejected for a number of reasons- most of them were out of my control and something I could not change.

What I am doing now, is studying various marketing courses to develop my skills and make my CV more attractive to the Marketing Industry. Because we are in lockdown I have plenty of time to do these courses and study.

I am not allowed to say too much about this but all I will say is that my part-time job may be in the fear at the moment. So I am also looking for any part-time work in anything, if I can do it then I will apply no matter if I will enjoy it or not, it is a job that I may need to have if something happens to my part my job.

Aside from that, I am still applying for Marketing Roles. I was a little bemused to find that companies were still advertising for roles when I look on sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed there are plenty out there. Some of them are home working due to the pandemic but some require you to go in, which at this moment in time I am not going to do due to Covid19.

I still apply for the roles but do you know what I get in response? Due to Covid19, the job application is paused or closed… then why do companies bother advertising. It is a waste of time and it ruins peoples hops of finding a job.

I have had a couple of interviews and applications during this lockdown and I have found that the questions asked are different from before, questions like what have you been doing during a lockdown? how have you coped? emotionally how have you been doing? A very different set of questions post-pandemic.

I assume this is the sort of questions I will be expecting from now on, like every other industry and everyone else in the world we are adapting to this new type of normal and I guess that means the job/career/interview experience is changing too.


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