Connecting Mind and Movement with Lorna

Lorna of The Mind Movement is a former London producer in the TV and Games Industry, now a trauma yoga teacher she shows her clients how moving and breathing can really be a benefit to both the mind and body. 

Due to the stressful nature of Lorna’s previous job, she found herself experiencing back and hip pain. She went to see a physio and they recommended trying yoga. Remembering that yoga scene from Sex and the City, she thought she would give it a go. And Lorna was not a fan, she felt very unforgettable in what felt like a clique environment.


Lorna Evans 

She bought a Yoga DVD that Lorna could do it in the comfort of her own home. Not realising that mind and body were so connected. Yoga really attracted Lorna, she was never a sporty person but Yoga really eased her body pain.

Lorna is now a Yoga Trauma teacher 

it means I work in a safe way, I help people suffering from anxiety, depression and, trauma. I give my clients tools they can use outside of class. I am also a Clinical physiotherapist-  so I can help people use their breath reduce anxiety mind and body together.

Lorna E#

She told me that there are both physical and mental benefits of yoga,  here is the science part

When we inhale for 4 and exhale for 6  it has a  positive impact on your body, yoga is like massaging our brains. It can benefit our heart and our immune system. It stops the fight or flight mode and puts us into a rest and digest mode.  

Lorna encourages people to try different styles and different teachers so to not get bored and not get attached to doing one style, it is all about being still and creating shapes.

She does 10mins of yoga in the morning and she finds that really helps to start her day, you don’t need candles or incense or to do a 1hour class to feel the benefits.

Lorna River

Lorna on River Tyne 

Since lockdown, Lorna has been trying to zoom classes that she could not usually access.  It is not the same as going to a physical class but it is not bad. Like all of us, she is finding this time and scary and confusing like everyone. She does have tools to help her get through it, she is only human like the rest of us.


Her own classes are free and you can access her on the following links below.

To find out more about Lorna click here 

You Tube 

Facebook Page 


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