Supporting Theatre Royal, Newcastle

*Theatre Royal does not know I am writing this nor have they asked me to.*

Whenever I am meeting someone in Newcastle, I always say meet at the Theatre Royal because it is both central and a beautiful point in the city.  Now that I work in Newcastle I am lucky enough to walk past it every day and I love to see it every time I go to work.

I have been lucky enough to go to the Theatre Royal as press for The Chronicle and The Journal and more often as an audience member. And every time I do go no matter what the occasion, it is an occasion- going to the theatre is an event for me, from planning my outfit, to where we will eat before the show, to the journey of getting there and to seeing the show.

There is this sort of grandeur feel of the Theatre Royal, every room and the theatre itself is decorative and draped in red and gold.    I feel like a VIP when I visit.

The North East is so lucky to have this venue, it brings the West End to the region. So for those of us who can’t get to London can get to Newcastle and still experience that same quality of the show.   From comedy, ballet, family-friendly shows, Shakespeare, National Theatre, Rambert, Opera North and Pantomime. They have plenty of choices, so you can’t go wrong.

I have seen many of Matthew Bourne’s dance pieces and I always pick the highest of seats because they are a little cheaper but you get to see the whole venue in an ariel position. Because his pieces are designed for that you can really appreciate it.

This when I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and yes I felt amazing thank you very much in this outfit.


Obviously Theatre Royal is closed at the moment and they are a registered charity, as said

The Newcastle Theatre Royal Trust is an independent charity and we receive no funding. We rely on our share of tickets sales; we only keep a small proportion of ticket income which pays for the running of the theatre.

They have an emotional video on their website which you can view here  Theatre Royal in Newcastle are also asking audiences to donate and there is more information on the website on how you can do that.

There are different ways you can donate to the Theatre Royal. These Acts of Kindness will help us keep going during these difficult times.

If you have never been to the theatre before and you are thinking of going after lockdown, then go to Theatre Royal for a magical west end experience.

Please support your venues after this is all over.

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