Body Image in Lockdown

Before lockdown, I was quite active- with work, dance, pilates, yoga etc I would do quite a lot. Now we are in lockdown, I am unable to do any of that. I can walk and maybe do some online classes but I am limited to what I can do.

This has resulted in anxiety in my eating and body image, I am really wary of what I eat and how much I eat. And I find myself now, eating a mix of fruit and chocolate.

If I am totally honest with you (which I am) I am scared of becoming overweight.

I see my family with their fit bits walking around the garden, getting their steps in obsessing about who has done what steps. I check my smartwatch and I have hardly done any, I am never that bothered about stuff like this but being in lockdown has created this anxiety over it.

I have gained this complex about fitness and eating, it is awful and not something I have experienced before. My brain is constantly thinking, I should or should not eat this or have I eaten too much. When there are times that I do yoga, I just think what is the point if I am not losing any weight, I should stop.

That leaves me sat or walking around the garden feeling low and rubbish about myself, I am scared that when I go back to normal and where proper clothes haha that I won’t fit in them.

The silly thing is, I don’t need to lose weight and I am happy with my body and I am confident in my skin but just sitting around and my brain on overload about this subject is making my question everything.

I even find myself looking more in the mirror, wondering if I still look ok and did I look like this before lockdown?

I know this is just my anxiety talking but it is helping me to write this down and I am honest with my lovely readers, who knows maybe I am not the only one who feels like this?

Are you getting a complex with food during lockdown?


2 thoughts on “Body Image in Lockdown

  1. I find I have been to a point. I have always been on the chunky side and recently lost 20 lbs without trying (thanks to a virus that made me really sick – not COVID-19) and since then I have been obsessing with my weight, my eating habits and being terrified of putting it back on. I am also diabetic so I was already kind of obsessed with food and numbers (glucose, carbs, etc). Only thing I can say is just keep reminding yourself that you are happy with your body and confident in your skin when those anxieties present themselves. Blogging is a good way to let it all out, as I am sure you know and it can be great to look back on a post all about how you are happy with your body, maybe try a positive post all about the things you love about yourself that you can bring up when those anxieties set in? I wish you the best of luck! ❤

    Kadie ♥ The Great Canadian Housewife | A Story About A Girl

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