Kristen Wojciechowski’s Perfect Fitness

Kristen Wojciechowski has been in the fitness industry for 11 years, working it alongside her dance and musical theatre career.  She teachers  Pilates, Barre, HIIT and General Fitness.

She started teaching aerobics after she completed her Exercise to Music Qualification. Wanting to become an instructor as a part-time job alongside her theatre career. She was already going to the gym and she thought it would be fun to teach classes and lead the group workouts.


 Kristen Wojciechowski

Kristen loves the physical benefits to fitness, she also loves the energy in the room when teaching the class.   As she says

 Since I trained as a performer I think I naturally have a stage presence that adapts well to leading a workout. I think a great class has a knowledgeable, qualified instructor with infectious enthusiasm, creative workouts and upbeat music.

Obviously, due to lockdown, it has prevented many fitness classes from happening so Kristen has had to adapt, adding

Lockdown has had its ups and downs. I think before lockdown I was running a million miles an hour and now I have taken a step back. Life is not all about work and how much you can get done in a day. Now I’m trying to focus on the more simple things in life that create a healthy balance with work.  Such as my daily workout, walks through the woods, calling family and friends, making healthy home-cooked meals, spending evenings making puzzles or playing Scrabble.

Adapting classes to work online was very simple for her. The workouts she teaches can all be done with little to no equipment and don’t require much space so it’s been an easy transition.


 Kristen Wojciechowski

Kristen has Virtual classes at Xtend Barre London on Tuesday 6pm for Pilates & Stretch and Wednesday 12pm for Barre.


 Kristen Wojciechowski

You can find her workouts online available anytime on my YouTube Channel, K’s Perfect Fitness TV and also on the app or Virtual Live classes at Xtend Barre London. She is also a Sweaty Betty Ambassador so you can also find my workouts pop up on the Sweaty Betty Instagram.

Here are some of those links below

K’s Perfect Fitness TV YouTube Channel 

Dumbbell Workout

Pilates Yoga Flow

8 Minute Abs

Workout with Kirsten on

Take a live class at Xtend Barre book here

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