Keeping our bodies in tune with Moorwellbeing Yoga

Annie Moore of `Moorwellbeing Yoga teaches a variety of styles of yoga and has been for six years and she does it to keep her body in tune.

Annie teaches  Hatha, Yin & Yang, Vinyasa flow, Power flow, Meditation & Yoga Nidra. She started thirty years ago for wellness – to stay fit and healthy alongside other exercises such as keep-fit classes, gym workouts and home practice.

She wanted to look after her wellbeing adding

 Keep my body in tune, mobile, flexible and toned. My mind focused, calm, clear and balanced. My spiritual centre connected to self and the earth.

Annie Yogastudio

Moorwellbeing Yoga

Yoga boosts your circulation and mood. It can also improve your flexibility as Annie said

lengthening and stretching the muscles, mobilise the joints, keeps the spine healthy and posture aligned and upright, builds strength, resilience and focus, boosts the immune system, Calms the mind and connects the breath with mind body and soul.

Obviously, we are still in lockdown at the moment and Annie has found it to be a challenge, as she has never done streaming before

 I have so enjoyed taking my classes online, completely rethinking the way I teach and having to project different yoga styles, poses and postures in a virtual studio. It has made me think out of the box in many ways – for marketing on social media IG/FB/Twitter and newsletters and reworking my website.

She has loved giving back to the yoga community and embracing online teaching.


Moorwellbeing Yoga

If you want to know when you can access the classes, they are on The Online Studio is in her home.

Weekly Classes –

Monday Yin Yang flow 9am – 75 minutes

Tuesday Vinyasa flow 10am – 75 minutes

Tuesday Yoga Rest Nidra 6pm – 30 minutes

Thursday Yin flow 9am – 75 minutes

Thursday Sangha Meditation 6pm – 30 minutes

Friday Power flow 10am – 30 minutes

Class Fees – 75 minutes £10 & 30 minutes £6


You can find Annie on her website here    and  @moorwellbeingyoga on social media

And on her, YouTube Channel here 































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