Pregnancy & postnatal yoga with Yoga by Becks

Yoga by Becks wants to make yoga accessible for all and to remind those who live in a world of technology to breathe deeply.

Becks has been teaching children and babies for four years and in my 2nd year of teaching adults. She started after her son went to nursery and she was looking for a job that she could do part-time with hours that suited.


Yoga by Becks

She wanted to pass on the benefits that come with practising yoga to all generations saying

Yoga isn’t just for the flexible, Yoga literally is for everyone and everybody. There’s a posture out there for everyone. It’s about connecting your body, mind and soul and really feel the pose within you, as opposed to worrying how it looks and if you’re doing it ‘right’. If it feels good, you’re doing yoga.

Becks enjoys teaching the classes and creating that connection and community in the yoga world. Knowing that she is helping people with their anxiety, depression or help them to sleep well at night she adds

Making people feel good, nourished and happy is a wonderful feeling.


Yoga by Becks

I have been asking all teachers how they are finding lockdown and Becks is thankful for the technology but it does mean that people are able to come to class that live further away, or in another country.

But I think doing classes online has meant that people are rushing around less and I can see them staying around in the future, it’s lovely being able to roll away your mat and be at home. That said, you can’t beat being in a room of yogi’s, breathing together, sweating together and really feeling connected.

Becks has a weekly ‘Flow to restore’ class every Tuesday at 5pm on Zoom.  She also works for a wonderful group called Live Karma Yoga who provide accessible, affordable classes to the community, that provide classes all throughout the week. She occasionally teaches their Thursday flow at 6pm. Currently, all my children yoga classes are private.


Yoga by Becks

You can find her on Facebook or Instagram @yogabybecks


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