Former Team GB Badminton Player now an Athlete Mentor

 Fontaine Wright is a former England No. 1 Badminton Player and is now a Reformer Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and TRX Instructor. 

Fontaine had continued to be a coach after retirement, she coached her friends and family and encouraged them to keep fit. That led her to get the qualifications to train people in the right way.


 Fontaine Wright

There is a variation of physical benefits to her classes, depending on what the class is that she is teaching and the focus within that class but overall health and wellbeing for your body comes with physical exercise. In her reformer pilates classes, it’s all about controlled movement and connecting the mind and the body to ensure you are working for the correct targeted muscle groups. Strength and conditioning and TRX will vary on the focus of the class but essentially it is about building strength and increasing our bodies capacity of certain exercises.

Fontaine loves to encourage people to progress 

I enjoy teaching people new ways to move their body or encouraging them to progress to a move that they thought they couldn’t do but can. There is nothing quite like seeing someone realise they are stronger than they thought!

I asked Fontaine about adapting to lockdown, being a testing time she has had a varied experienced

 Lockdown has been a testing time. I have gone from teaching 25-30 hours of classes a week all across London to very. However, I have managed to stay connected with some of the clients in those gyms and studios and we have found a way to adapt the classes. Reformer Pilates became dynamic pilates on the mat and my other classes focused more on bodyweight exercise or using household items to add a level of difficulty to the class.


 Fontaine Wright

Fontaine classes in the studio’s are currently on hold but she was teaching at Heartcore in Soho and City, and Gymbox Victoria. Her online classes vary but generally, you can find her on Heartcore at 8am Friday mornings or my zoom classes, Monday/Wednesday/Friday (times vary) for Dynamic Pilates, High Energy Hit and Mobility + Core.

You can find Fontaine on twitter @FontaineMica




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