Mediaworks Digital Marketing Short Course

I wanted to better myself during Coivd19, I had nothing else to do so I thought I should spend my time wisely. I came across York St John University and Mediaworks Digital Marketing Short Course.

It was a FREE three-week course that consisted of live zoom lectures, pre-recorded lectures, podcasts and further reading.

Brought to us by MediaWorks each week covered different aspects of the Marketing Industry such as Strategy, Paid, Earned and Owned Media, Marketing Goal, Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO etc So quite a lot of topics.

At first, I was just on the course to understand a bit more about Marketing as I would love to work in that industry. And I did that but then I began to think about how the skills I am learning can be put into practice for my blog.

It has inspired me and got me thinking about rebranding my blog, I need to think about my audience and the type of content my audience wants to read and how my content comes across.

I was a little sceptical at first but bt week 2 I really got into it, I could not believe that all it was for free as there was so much content to engage with.  All of the resources were uploaded to a program called Moodle, where I could access further reading and podcasts.

I got into a schedule of watching the live lecture, writing down notes and really taking in what the MediaWorks team were saying.  They made the lectures really exciting and interesting to watch.

The course came at a really good time for me as I felt a bit lost but now it has set me on a mission and I know what I need to do now.


To find out about media works click here



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